What is Jockey Being Family, and when was it created?
Jockey Being Family strengthens adoptive families for successful futures by helping to expand services provided to families after an adoption is finalized. Jockey launched the Jockey Being Family® initiative in 2005.

Why did Jockey choose to support adoption?
We are a privately held, family-owned, Midwest company, and our brand values have long reflected a genuine commitment to families. Family and children have always been important to Jockey, and adoption is an issue close to the hearts of our employees.

After months of research and careful consideration of issues where Jockey could make a significant impact on families, we learned that post-adoption services, support and resources for parents and children after the adoptions are legally finalized were scarce. Jockey also learned that no U.S. corporation was championing this important area of adoption. We realized that this was where Jockey could make the largest, most targeted impact.

How important is it to provide adoptive families with services after an adoption?
It is critical. Services offered to families after adoption provide them with the support, resources and information they need to remain strong and stay together-forever.

Services frequently requested by adoptive families include information, respite care, parent support groups and referrals to medical professionals. These types of services are provided in a variety of ways, including individual and group work with community-based organizations.

By promoting these valuable resources and providing increased access to post-adoption services, Jockey hopes that all adopted families will have the tools they need to thrive and grow.

How does Jockey support the issue?
Jockey provides funding, employee volunteers and in-kind donations to its leading nonprofit partners.

Who are Jockey Being Family’s nonprofit partners?
Jockey supports adoptive families and children by partnering with leading national and local nonprofit organizations, including:

The North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC), a nationally recognized leader in post-adoption services with a vast network of parent support groups nationwide.
Coalition for Children, Youth & Families (CCYF), a Southeastern Wisconsin-based adoption and foster care service agency whose mission is to help sustain adoptive families by providing critical services to adoptive families.
The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, a nationally recognized organization focused on raising awareness of foster care adoption.
Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.), an organization that aims to strengthen the well-being of children and families of all adoptive experiences.
The Adoption Council of Canada, an Ottawa-based organization that aims to raise public awareness of adoption, promote placement of waiting children and stress the importance of services to adoptive families.

Does Jockey donate products to support adoptive families?
Yes, Jockey is proud to provide in-kind product donations to its nonprofit partners for their fundraising and awareness efforts.

Can my organization receive funds or products from Jockey Being Family?
Jockey is unable to accept donation requests at this time. The company has solidified its funding recipients and activities as part of Jockey Being Family. For more information about our partners and how you can contact them for support, please visit our “Partners” page.

What role do Jockey employees play in Jockey Being Family?
Employee involvement is an important part of Jockey Being Family. Employees at Jockey’s headquarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin volunteer their time and talents in various ways to support adoptive families. More than 250 volunteers have dedicated more than 6,000 hours to the issue. Their work includes:

Ambassadors: A team that meets monthly to coordinate employee volunteerism activities.
Comfort Crafters: Employees, their families and friends, community organizations and schools hand-make quilts and blankets to provide to newly adopted children in Wisconsin through the Home to Stay Backpack program.
As the program grows each year, we will also engage Jockey employees nationwide in program activities and volunteerism.

How does Jockey support its employees who choose to adopt?
Introducing a new child into a home can be an exhilarating, expensive and time-consuming transition for all families. Jockey offers employee adoption benefits ($10,000 per child, per year), through financial reimbursement for each newly adopted child. Jockey is a company with top employee adoption benefits, according to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s Adoption-Friendly Workplace program (adoptionfriendlyworkplace.com). Please visit our “Ambassadors” page to learn more about Jockey’s corporate adoption benefits.

How can I get involved in Jockey Being Family?
Thank you for your interest in supporting our efforts. Learn how you can get involved here.