Jockey Being Family

The Jockey Being Family Foundation, is a nonprofit organization committed to help strengthen adoptive families for successful futures. With generous support from Jockey International, Inc., we are supporting newly paired families in a time when they need it most – during the critical period following an adoption.

  • We provide free backpacks for each child adopted from U.S. adoption agencies – embroidered with the child’s new family initials, complete with a comforting Jockey Being Family® fleece blanket and teddy bear.
  • We partner with leading nonprofit organizations to provide adoptive families with support resources and services to help them stay together. forever.
  • We give new parents a Parent Tote full of post-adoption support materials.


Help us achieve our goal of distributing 5,000 backpacks this year by becoming a Being Family Friend – our BFF!

“Adoption is not an event. it is a lifelong journey . Families are brought together by many different circumstances. and they all need extra help at times. We hope to be a guiding hand for families along their path. and we want to lead the charge in raising awareness of the need to expand post -adoption services…”



Debra S. Waller
Founder, Jockey Being Family Foundation
Jockey International, Inc. Chairman and CEO