Solar Solutions .se. developed unique technology that is implemented in all of its products, that have proven to offer results parallel to the electrical and communication network based products all without the need to plug in to existing electrical and communication networks, or the need to acquire special permits, dig or quarry, tunnel or disrupt the environment.

Advantages of using solar energy systems as opposed to electricity-based systems include:

· No need for electricity.

· No need to prepare an electrical or communication infrastructure.

· No need for permits from the municipalities or authorities.

· Simple, flexible and fast installation.

· Minimal maintenance.

· Contributes to improved visibility and increased safety.

· Environmentally friendly

· Unequivocal economic savings.

· Maximum safety as a result of the use of low voltage.

· “Rapid transition from decision to implementation in the field”

Solar has targeted technology that integrates “control regulation and remote management” thereby providing the operator with the ability to control and regulate remotely.

The company uses unique LED and special lens-based optical technologies that allow for optimal focus and intensity of light while using minimal battery resources.